A Win/Win

Most of you who make your way to this site are natural givers. You know at a heart level how good it feels to give. It isn't just a material gift - it's the giving of our listening, our love, our attention, our caring....the list goes on.  You also know how good it feels when someone truly receives the gift that you have given. That's the beauty of the exchange of true giving and receiving. My perspective says that there is really little difference in either giving and receiving when a heart connection is created.

For example, I have met with a group of coaches throughout North America (five of us) for over seven years. We took our leadership training together, formed a support group at the first retreat and never looked back. We're fast friends who really know and love one another. One of us just got married and, the rest of us sent a gift across the country via courier to arrive on the day of her celebration.

In her sharing of the wedding that none of us could attend in person, she forgot to thank us for our gift and, when she did, her energy was such that it didn't feel that she truly received it...yet. There wasn't that landing in the heart - hers or ours. The cycle of giving and receiving wasn't complete. Noticing some judgment on my part and checking inside as to what that was about, I listened to myself and asked: "How did it feel when our gift came?" The opportunity was there for all of us to get present to that 'heart' exchange. The gift truly landed, and all of us knew it.


I give others the opportunity to give to me by truly receiving their gift with grace and appreciation. It is just one other way that I participate in the joy of connecting to others - in both giving and receiving. I bask in the spirit of generosity.


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