A Roadblock to Integrity

I've often defined integrity as living from that centered place when our words, feelings, body sense and thoughts line up behind our actions so we feel 'on the mark'.  Our choices feel right without any doubt.  We feel centered in who we are. Our actions match our own personal code.   Research supports that the happiest people behave in kind and respectful ways because it feels good to them and, of course, others naturally benefit.  Happiness is the #1 priority so it's not about living up to someone's standards or 'trying' to be a 'good' person.  It's all about doing the 'right thing' for ourselves because it feels so good to make choices that from loving kindness, compassion, contribution, balance, respect - any of those wholesome states of being in the world.

What gets in the way when we aren't in our zone or 'on the mark'?   I believe it's stress.  When we're tired, when we're ignoring our spiritual practice that keeps us self-connected, when we're triggered by our relationship dynamics, when we're worried about the past or the future - our inner world shifts.  It can become challenging to live in integrity.  And it happens for all of us.

What I know is that when I see myself off track, I notice.  I hold that part of me with love and compassion.  I ask myself: what's the learning here?  And then I set the intention to get back on track doing whatever calls to me so that I support myself in this intention.


I compassionately accept myself even though I get off track and can behave in ways that are out of sync with my personal integrity.  I open myself to the learning in the moment.  I recommit to myself as the #1 priority in my life. I set the intention as to what will bring me happiness.  I trust myself that I will do my best to follow through.


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