A Relationship Point of View

An old friend of mine shared with me, "I marvel at what my friends teach me". She wasn't talking about learning how to garden or dipping into politics at a deeper level. She was addressing the emotional charges, the judgments, the highs and lows of relationships. Instead of making it about her friends, she takes fully accountability for herself.

How does she do that? How does she not blame them for what is happening inside of her?

She uses her judgments and charged feelings as clues to find out more about herself. She takes full responsibility for her learning. Because she doesn't make herself wrong for having judgments, emotional charges, and highs and lows in her relationships, she is able to simply be with the learning at hand. She is actually in awe of what she learns as the observer within is alive and appreciative of the opportunities to deepen self-awareness. She is a true student of life.

Not all of us have learned to hold this empowering point of view which allows us to take our humanness lightly and, yet, responsibly. A dose of inspiration is a good thing :)


I appreciate all that life teaches me - through circumstances, through relationships, and through connecting ever deeper with myself.

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