A Philosophy of Life

What is your philosophy? How important is it that you have a philosophy of life that brings you meaning, clarity, faith and inspiration? My belief is that it is essential that all of us spend time reflecting about what feels true for us, at our core.

For me, I believe in God...a force that is not a feminine or masculine energy...that just IS. The God force, this Divine Source, encompasses all that is love. Everything and everyone without exclusion. Oneness. No duality - no 'this is right/this is wrong' thinking. Some paths that we choose entail suffering; other paths are all about bringing us light and happiness. All paths eventually lead to love....even if we have to really 'get it' once we've passed over to the other side as spirits. Love - all there is is love.

This works for me as it brings me a sense of responsibility for my life and the path that I want to choose over and over. My intention is to keep choosing the lightness and joy that is possible when we deeply experience the love that's there for all of us.


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