A Fresh Start

As the sunshine and warmth of spring enters our world, we experience a breath of fresh air. From this place, we're often inspired by possibilities - the opportunity to start fresh in some way.

What I notice is clients are coming to me with renewed purpose, neighbors are outside cleaning away the remnants of winter and planting their bulbs, friends are reconnecting. It's a time of creativity and reaching out.

What is yearning to be born in you? What are you inspired to do?

Take a moment to pause and close your eyes. Through your breath, drop down into the stillness of the present moment and be with these questions. Listen to whatever comes to the surface either now or throughout your day. There is no need to force or push for an answer - it will come in its own way and time.

When an answer emerges that feels right to you, one that increases your energy, simply 'be' with this as well. Again without the energies of pushing and striving or trying to manufacture what you should do about these answers, rest into what you discovered. Be alert to what naturally comes forward as the next step. You will have an inner knowing, and your actions will come from an authentic place.


I spend time in the Stillness of who I am...really. I listen. I trust.

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