A Dose of Nature for Inner Confidence

Being in nature - truly being present in nature - nourishes the soul. When we are open to receiving the beauty of nature that encompasses everything, both dark and light, we feel at One. It is then we know who we truly are; it is then we know the deepest part of ourselves.

The paradox is that our experience of Oneness supports us in claiming our lives as our own. It is in our connection to our core that we are less inclined to please, adapt, suppress our feelings, or be on automatic pilot 'trying' to get our needs met. We are less inclined to be confused about the stand we will take. We are less inclined to try to control our circumstances or feel dissatisfied with our imperfect selves. We are less inclined to compare ourselves to others and feel that we are not enough.

When we experience our core that is here for us in each present moment, we are aware of our body and its messages to us. We are clear on the next step, trusting that the next one after that will emerge when we get there. We listen to our hearts. We allow the expression of our true selves to unfold, even when we are going in the opposite direction of everyone around us. We simply know. We simply be - ourselves. That's claiming our lives as our own.


I spend time in nature. I find the ways that nourish my connection to my true self.



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