A Career that's a Natural Fit

"The greatest thing in the world is to know how to be one's own self" -- Montaigne

When you know and accept yourself and are deeply connected to your core, you find ways to express who you naturally are in the world. For some, this expression is less of a focus on a career and more about what happens after work hours. For others, the expression of their strengths that they've embraced and fostered everywhere they go and in all that they do. It's just the way it is.

If you are in a career that doesn't feel like you're expressing your true self, what is the price that you are paying? Do you have an outlet where you can truly be yourself? Is that working for you? How important is it that you own, develop and express your gifts?

It takes time to make a transition from one career to the next - one that is a more natural expression of your strengths. This is a journey that cannot be rushed or forced. In my own experience - both personally and professionally - there is a preparation time and a plan that needs to be developed and gradually implemented. Mind, body and spirit need to be in alignment with a new path that is calling you.

When the timing is right, your life, then lines up in synchronistic ways. There's a bigger picture which we don't see. We just have to trust our hearts, go step by step, and be alert to the opportunities that present themselves. Our hearts will know what to do. We will feel the pull and experience an inner knowing that will have us say, "yes, I choose this" one choice at a time.


I let go. I pay attention to knowing myself, accepting myself, being myself. I deepen my awareness of what I have to contribute and why I want to contribute it. The how's find their way to me.

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