Giving Over and Over Again

I saw "27 Dresses" over the weekend and got to see a light, predictable and enlightening movie that really fits into what I talk about...a lot. The lead, Katherine Heigl, plays an over-and-over bridesmaid who really lives her life giving to others. And in doing so, she misses out on her life...almost. She does end up getting what she's doing and steps up to the plate with a new decision. The thing is, after years of giving without considering how own needs, her behaviour reflects resentment and anger. Lovingly, the movie doesn't focus on how she 'screwed up'. She moves on. What I've seen is that when we come from the place of trying so hard to be good, it can come from a place of 'should'. When we stop and truly listen to ourselves, life changes. What do I believe in? What is important to me? What do I need to feel happy today?  These are questions that we can ask ourselves to bring about a new way to be.  A loving way to be.

This isn't about those who live their lives in a way that says: "Everything is all about me". You know who I'm really speaking to - it's those of you who are always there for everyone else and can so forget about you.

Charming Katherine Heigl as the character in this movie learned how to stop and look inside. What about you? What will support you to move in a new direction?


I listen to myself. I get connected. I am worthy of receiving the support to move forward in my life with me as the central character. From this place, I know that I will give more deeply and joyfully than I ever thought possible.


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