Thank you for ordering It's MY Life! Guided Audio Meditations that follow the inner confidence process. Enjoy learning about you and what you offer to our world.

It's MY Life! Guided Audio Meditations

The audios follow the Inner Confidence Process and can be used in any order that suits you. May you have many insights and new awarenesses of yourself that will serve you to live your own life in all its potential.

Committing to YOUR Life
This meditation is designed for you to accept all the aspects of you that resist claiming your life as your own. The pleaser, the attention-seeker, the controller, the helper - whatever arises for you.

Connecting to Your Center 
Adapted from a guided meditation by Marlena Field, the founder of body-centered coaching, this is designed to connect you to the very centre of you, the very centre of Life.

Choosing to be Present
This guided meditation is to support you to be with all that arises in each moment. Saying yes to the moment as it is will support you to be more deeply present.

Your Inner Teacher
This audio meditation is a way to connect with y our inner teacher, your inner wisdom, your truth.

This guided audio meditation explores the deep inquiry: who am I?

Opening the Heart
This guided meditation shared with me by Arjuna Ardagh is a heart felt way for you to be with all thoughts, emotions and body sensations.

Accepting You as You Are
This guided meditation is designed to give you a way to welcome and embrace every quality that makes up your person into your heart.

Your Deepest Longing
As you discover your deepest longing, what is most important to you, the life that you create will align with this.

Moving Beyond
This guided meditation/visualization is to lead you to a sense of oneness in your heart rather than separateness.

Marlena Field, the founder of Body-Centered Coaching, shared this mindfulness practice in the book, "Simply Being", written with Donna Martin. It gives us the experience of aliveness through loving and gentle self-touch.

The Power of I Don't Know
Marlena Field, the founder of Body-Centered Coaching, created this practice. In mindfulness, the experience of 'I Don't Know' fosters a growing ability to be present in the moment with trust, openness, and non-attachment.

Nurturing Appreciation
The quality of appreciation can change a life as it leads to acceptance, it opens the heart, it touches joy.

Sharing You
In this guided meditation, you have the opportunity to witness you as Love. You will gain insights in expressing this Love in your world. What is important to you? What is your heart called to express?

Yes to Life
Saying yes to all of life is the theme of this guided meditation. Coming from the centre of you, you practice witnessing it all.

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