1-to-1 Coaching

Why move forward with a coaching session?

You may choose to engage in a 1-to-1 coaching session if you sense a 'stickiness' on any issue that has arisen for you. You are ready to explore this stickiness more deeply with the guidance of an impartial witness.

When facing a difficult decision, your tendency may be to let the mind be dominant: making pro and con lists, rationalizing and labelling things as good or bad, right or wrong, operating from what used to be true, or overly influenced by fear. These decision-making processes are reactive.  

For a decision to be solid, it needs to be both congruent (in alignment with body, mind and spirit) and sustainable (you no longer second guess your decision).  A 1-to-1 coaching session will help you move toward a decision that taps into your body and heart wisdom for the sake of moving forward in your truth.

The overall focus of every session is to discover more about yourself and strengthen your inner resources to stand in your truth - grounded, centered and present. You are your most important teacher.

How to initiate a session?

If a 15-minute complimentary consultation appeals, just visit this page, fill out the form and we'll work from there to find a mutually agreeable time. 

I will call you or we meet via Skype.


A 30-minute session is $100 U.S. 

A 60-minute session is $175 U.S.  

Payments are made prior to your session via PayPal, credit card or e-transfers. 

Click contact to begin!

Looking forward,

"I'm still not sure how she does it, but she somehow empowers you to tap into your intuition so the 'a-ha!' moments come from within - not what the world tells you.  The result for me has been increased clarity, increased confidence in decision-making and a significant improvement in both my personal and professional relationships."
"I wouldn't have the same relationships with others if I didn't do this work. It would have been easy to be bitter and resentful. It's tougher to accept what is. It's a better life because all of my relationships are present without the baggage dragged along from the past."
IT Consultant and Manager
"Holding the space for me was the biggest part of our coaching.  I'm more present, heart-centred and relating to people in a different way. I'm doing better with relationships and how I'm relating now to my family is hugely different.  I'm feeling content.  I'm in a spot where I didn't expect to be."
Educational Administrator